Rebirth: New Beginnings

img_1307Every year brings fresh beginnings – some unexpected, and some sought out. It can be challenging to navigate the waves of uncertainty, but once one can master riding in the flow – as well as not resisting the ebbs – it becomes like surfing. With grace and ease, the Universe provides all that is needed along one’s path of growth, one’s expansion.

I have navigated through some of the deepest & most uplifting transformations of my life over the past three months – since I traveled to and returned from Oregon, my path has been full of deep lessons, proper medicine, discipline, new experiences/relations, which has all helped me to redevelop a very keen sense of direction.

I flew to the opposite side of the country for the very first time in my life and lived in entirely unfamiliar daily situations where I had to let go of control, which taught me how to live in commune with others – to maintain my own needs and desires, while also tending and being sensitive to that of those around me – to do so in a way that felt good, with a reciprocal energy exchange. This put me into an environment where I was forced to become deeply silent within my self, and to do this whilst being  surrounded by others. This allowed for me to find deep truth about my home life, my daily life and my future. I finally, after years of seeking, learned what my illness was – how to beat the Lyme’s that has tried to take over my body – and I learned how to tame my mental, emotional & spiritual bodies, to align with my physical bodies sense of well-being. This brought great shifts – greater than anything I could’ve ever imagined.


Upon returning to Vermont, the depth continued to unfold. I spent a lot of time at one of my favorite places, the Lotus Lodge. I was gifted by a new friend, a full body massage which expelled repressed trauma that had been stored within my muscles for a very long time. I received the same gift by a dear friend while I was in Oregon, right before beginning my Lyme’s treatment and spending a month working/in retreat on the farm – this massage was incredibly healing energetically, emotionally and spiritually (primarily, but of course physically as well) – while the one in Vermont was healing on the next level of depth, physically. The body work helped me to release a lot of old energetic ties, as well as deep grief that I had trouble accessing on my own. It is incredible to received guidance on one’s healing path, from others. I felt that this body work unbound me, pushing me into my power, allowing me to shine brighter than I have in some time.


Following my incredible physical healing, I was able to return to my family as a clear channel of positivity & communication. Instead of the old triggers bringing me down to a lower vibration, I was able to interact and speak my truth within the family environment, without reaction.

I then took photos, worked for and experienced the ‘Winter Medicine Women’s Healing Retreat’ that was hosted at Lotus Lodge. The four days that I was there, I experienced deep connection to community – something I’ve always longed for, growing up in a place where this was not available – and the deepest healing that I’ve gone through yet in my life. I had a spontaneous healing ritual with two other women, in which I was able to connect fully to Great Spirit, Grandmother & Grandfather. I felt my divine feminine and masculine unite, moving waves of healing energy throughout my entire being. I was able to pray in a good, good way, while becoming a vessel for the healing energy of our ancestors to pour through me – in my connection to the Earth, to the cosmos, to all of my relations. And now I move forward in learning how to be an open vessel, to bring forth this healing energy in ceremony.IMG_1783.JPG

My perception was broken wide-open, I was willing to receive the guidance and I now have a clear direction of my path which feels most in alignment. When we allow, the alignment falls in to place. This is when we begin to see the synchronicities occurring again – the signs & coincidences that remind us of where we are. It requires letting go, proper discernment and devoted attention to our inner truth. It is through this devotion that we will manifest our own realities as we wish them to be – with pure heart-based intention, with our ability to let go of the fruits of our labor, with dedication to our dharma (life’s purpose).

This is my first blog post on the website that I am starting from scratch – I just learned several days ago that my entire photography site was corrupted. At first I was upset, and immediately after allowing that emotion to flow through me, I was able to let go. With a little help from my brothers, I was able to shift my perspective on the circumstances. I am able to see this as an opportunity to start fresh – as a rebirth of my artistic palette. I am going to focus with clarity on what I desire to share with the world.

img_1258I am incredibly excited for all that awaits, for the beautiful reality that I am manifesting for myself, with and for others who wish to dance this dance with me in this beautiful life opportunity! Stay tuned for some beautiful insights through my blog, as well as updates on what I’ve been up to artistically!

ᎣᏏᏲ || Osiyo

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