Encompassing Insights: How to Live Lessons Learned

Written October 3rd, 2015

I’m happy to be alive, grateful for all of the beauty & light that continues to pour into my experience, as my path expands. I continue everyday, to learn new things about this world, myself & others. The most important thing that I discovered recently through a deep meditation, is how to incorporate all of the major lessons and understandings I’ve learned, into a way of being. I will share them below, in hopes that these words find their home at the right time:

  • Recognizing defensiveness as an attempt to keep new insights from entering the mental field; depleting this negative habit, in turn ridding oneself of the negative instinctual response of resorting to defensiveness as a reaction to circumstances/situations that are not favorable
  • Working towards releasing negative thought patterns, one at a time; thoughts that promote or create self-pity, anger or blame, felt for or projected onto others because of anything that has happened/may happen “to” oneself. Every reaction is a choice that one must consciously make, and recognizing that others aren’t doing it “to” you, but that you are in control of your self, your feelings and your ability to respond appropriately to whatever it may be that is occurring.
  • Refraining from judgement at all costs; observing, and only focusing upon the thoughts that create a positive atmosphere. Of course one must make sound judgement upon how to proceed, and how to relate to others, but doing so in a non-attached, non-personal way.
  • Recognizing & then ridding oneself of old fear patterns
  • Acting upon inner guidance and trusting it fully, rather than ignoring it or going against it-this is key, your body will teach you and knows what is right.
  • Practicing non-attachment to people, places things; being able to develop a way of loving, that does not cling to worldly things, but rather is an expression of pure joy and gratitude
  • Detaching from any values that support the belief that success in life only comes from achieving goals; success in life is a process, it can and should be found in daily life in the little things. It is a process of achieving self-control, and the capacity to work through life’s challenges & adversity in a positive, healthy way. Success is an energy force, that must be gained & maintained.
  • Keeping one’s attention in the present moment, rather than focusing one’s thoughts and energy on the past or future; avoiding worry, and instead having faith in oneself and the greater plan.

It is with great joy that I am able to share these thoughts, aspirations & realizations with the world. My intention is to spread enlightenment, to create a space for conversation about such rich understandings. Please, if any of this compels you, reach out & share your understandings, experiences and beliefs. It is an important part of becoming in tune with yourself and evolving.

ᎣᏏᏲ || Osiyo

Chelsea Erin Wright

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