Perception: Joy & Suffering

Written on November 1, 2015

It’s amazing what can happen when you allow things to just be, to be still in the center of your self while watching what unfolds around you. It’s as if my path is a flowing river – the more that I allow the stillness to guide me, the more that I see unfolding in proper time. It’s beautiful and fills me with inspiration, building upon the gratitude that I continue to cultivate daily. I am overflowing with it, and so happy to share it with all that I experience.

In the breeze, in smiles exchanged through a quick glance with a stranger, the rays of sunlight shining down on the grass blanketed with leaves before me – a mural of transformation surrounds us, the world being like a painting that is constantly evolving – created by the paints of impressions, thoughts, feelings, perceptions.


To find joy in the moments of clarity, to expand that joy within the center of your being, will help you to appreciate the suffering that you will inevitably encounter in the experience of living. One of my favorites, Deepak Chopra, states that

There are many twists and turns to suffering. The trail leads from fear of death to a false sense of self and the need to cling. In the end, however, unreality alone is the cause of all suffering. The problem never was pain; quite the opposite: Pain exists so that illusion won’t keep getting away with its tricksonce created, a perception lives a life of its own until you go back and change it

Perception is everything. Once you are able to hone in on it, focusing with pure intention, things start to become very clear.

ᎣᏏᏲ || Osiyo

Chelsea Erin Wright

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