Inner Wisdom: The Book of Secrets

Written November 9, 2015

The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra is the second best book I’ve read in the past few months, following ‘Life After Death: The Burden of Proof’. These books are filled with many bits of large lessons & knowledge. The Book of Secrets was a gift to myself, that I found at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, VT. It was one of the hidden gems in the shelf, in the little cove for spirituality & philosophy.


I am feeling compelled to share the secrets, as I work through my understanding of them. I hope that this will inspire others to take on reading this book, as it is very rich & full of amazing, useful information.

Secret #1: The Mystery of Life is Real

The proof is in the enormous separation between “deep reality” and everyday existence. From the time we were born, we’ve received a continuous stream of hints and clues, that there is another world inside of ourselves – it’s within the moments of wonder that we experience in the beauty of music, the free and open love expressed by a child’s eyes, the moments in which we feel most connected to the living pulse that runs throughout everything.

Your purpose in life is to help creation to expand and grow”

The truth is that there is a an underlying world, which consists of consciousness-and we are all connected to it – it’s a matter of knowing, believing & tapping in to it. Each of us are a unique expression of it and it is the work of the universe to create, expand, grow-this is also our work. Think about the word ‘universe’. It means quite literally, “one verse” or “one line”. This implies that all of creation stems from one source, which is the life force – source energy – that we all stream out of, and back into. If you knew that simply by being connected to this, you could live the most satisfying life that you have always longed for, would you follow the clues? Understanding the first secret, is the door opening to beginning the path of unlocking one’s fullest potential.

In order to experience this, one’s perspective, and reality must change & align with the principles of it. Chopra gives an excellent exercise within this chapter that helped me to see more clearly, how one is to accomplish such alignment. He states, “The first secret is to let your body’s wisdom point the way”. Believing in your body’s innate wisdom, and following it’s direction will allow you to build upon the qualities that bring you towards alignment and balance. Chopra shares that there are ten qualities of this wisdom, which you can focus upon by thinking of a way to live that quality in your daily practice.


The 10 qualities of wisdom

Higher purpose, Communion, Awareness, Acceptance, Creativity, Being, Efficiency, Bonding, Giving & Immortality

I will share a few of the examples that were given for each quality, of ways to live them in daily life. I would highly recommend if this piques your interest, to write down a list of each quality, and come up with your own way to live each one in your life. The answer doesn’t have to be something you can accomplish immediately. It can be like a seed that you’re planting to harvest over time with small, diligent efforts and actions.

Higher Purpose: I am here to inspire, I am here to love and live my truth. Simply stating and believing this will put you into a space of alignment with the realizations necessary to take action towards the goal – the goal could be to teach your inner wisdom to others, to change your interactions with your closest people and shift those interactions to a greater sense of love.

Awareness: I will spend ten minutes each day, just observing instead of speaking. I will sit quietly by myself, just to sense how my body feels – not trying to change it, but just focusing on the sensations and what it is trying to communicate to me. If I become irritated by someone, I will ask myself what I truly feel beneath the anger, and pay attention to the anger until it is gone.

Giving: I will buy lunch for someone else, I will give my undivided attention to someone who needs it, I will compliment someone on what they believe their best quality is.

By doing these simple tasks on a daily basis, you will start to notice that these acts of being more conscious will bring you into great alignment with your true self. Aligning with these 10 qualities of wisdom will be something that forms a conscious habitual way of interacting with your world and surroundings, that will make a dramatic difference in the way that you and others feel.

There is so much more to be experienced and said for the first secret, but I will leave it up to you to find your way to it. I hope that this inspires a conscious change or even just a shift in thinking.

ᎣᏏᏲ || Osiyo

Chelsea Erin Wright

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