Unfolding: Setting Intention, Letting Go & Deliberate Action

Written on April 1, 2016

img_6324One of my favorite things in this experience of Life, is the beauty found in watching the natural unfolding before me. The energy from the sun causing photosynthesis to occur, then the budding & blooming of flowers. Spring – the freshness of the rain hitting the soil, leaving a damp and earthy smell in the air. It’s the time of renewal, the time where all that we have been reflecting and focusing upon over the winter months goes through the process of change. We burst forth anew, with refreshed energy and vitality-as long as we are keeping up with our inner work, staying simple, humble and truthful.

Over the past three months, I have allowed the energies in my life to unfold-letting go of the need to control or direct the when, and how of what I desire. This has been a major lesson that I have been learning my entire life, but has become most prominent within my life now, as well as my understanding of how to practice this daily, over the past year and a half. I am finding many little tidbits of gold – an expanse of lessons, that can be experienced at deeper and deeper levels.

I have created a ritual of setting my intentions at the beginning of every moon phase. Each New Moon represents for me, a time to focus on all that I  would like to being or what I have been working on – to let go of what is no longer serving my expansion – and to move forward into that which is conducive to my growth & well-being.

Recently, before each New Moon I wrote a poem describing my perspective within, at that time. I am also including with each of my own offerings below, images and connections to the Astrology of that time-frame, according to one of my favorite sources – Mystic Mamma. Each New & Full Moon, I read her works after I have already done my own ritual. My personal experience has lined up most appropriately, every time, without fail. If you’re into astrology, I highly recommend delving further into her offerings, they’re beautiful!


Planting the Visions of my dreams,

I see what lies before me and I feel free.

As open & vast as the Ocean, the waves pulling me in,

To their sweetest embrace-welling over with compassion and grace.

Pushing me out, to expand

Within & among the breeze.

Floating through the lessons of the seasons,

Realizations for every reason.

I am moving upward, amongst the highest suns rays-shining with ease.

My future beliefs, in the perceptions I seek

Projecting my hearts desires – setting the space,

The flames of the fire.

New Moon: Sagittarius – December 2015


A new moon the day after my birthday! How beautiful

My intentions are crafted by love, moving me forward to grow and flow. I stand strong and true, singing freely to let my spirit speak. I desire to feed my fire, spinning and weaving webs of light-passion and compassion, truth. The essence of my being. I open my heart and sing my song to the world. I let go of anger, and hurt. Of greed and trauma. My heart yearns to be free, my soul shows me how to see-clarity and wisdom, enveloping every part of my being, clearing the old and making way for the newly awakened lessons of my ever-expanding self.

Mystic Mamma: “New Moon in Sagittarius offers a shot of inspiration as we breakthrough the mire and continue to expand to new ground. This new moon is fiery. The sun and moon are coupled in Sagittarius. This moon provides you with the opportunity to expand your consciousness. Boldly go where you have not gone before. Take the chances. Be adventurous. Try something new. This moon is about freedom. Liberate your mind. Free your mind. This is true freedom.” To read more go here: www.mysticmamma.com

And then I wrote another poem, following the Full moon and right before setting my intentions for the next New Moon:


Glistening, below the surface of the heavy sands

Silhouettes of distinct patterns, casting shadows by the moons rays.

Hidden beneath the tides.

Movement – breathing, in and out.

Hollow, yet filled with space – open to receiving.

Glowing, radiating – a luminescent shine

Like a blazing fire.

All of the Oceanic creatures can see,

But only few can truly perceive.

A treasure, awaiting its destiny.

New Moon: Capricorn – January 2016


I intend to align fully with my Dharma. I intend to focus with all of my being and energy on my path of healing, with kindness, compassion & love. I intend to harness all of the inner gems that I’ve created, to do the work that must be done to help heal the world, as it evolves. I have faith in my truth, and I intend to allow its expression in all that I do. I intend to allow my inner light to expand, to grow.

Mystic Mamma: “First New Moon of 2016 is in Earthy Capricorn. She’s calling us to reach for our dreams and ground them into the physical plane, but reminds us that we must first embody our knowing. For that is where our truth and nectar lies. The wisdom, the insights, and the understanding we receive are to be embodied within each one of us. While many are eager to share and teach what they learn as soon as they receive it, that is not what is being called of us. We are to live with and practice what we are learning and that should be our central focus, our locus of devotion.

For as we know, it’s not about trying to change the world out there but about turning the focus within, grounding our roots into Mamma Earth and humbling ourselves to the greater journey of creation, which is all about growth. So on this new moon in Capricorn, it’s time to deepen our roots and abide with all that is circling in our present reality. Like the Goat, we can climb the mountain towards our dreams, slow and steady, remembering to take good care of ourselves along the way, while taking the time to enjoy the view.” To read more go here: www.mysticmamma.com

How To Seek Within

Follow the flow of awareness, Don’t resist what’s happening inside

Open yourself to the unknown, Don’t deny what you feel

Reach beyond yourself, Be genuine – Speak your truth

Let the center be your home – Free your mind.

Expect a stream of joy to flow before you,

As you learn the song of your heart.

New Moon: Aquarius – February 2016


The Great Spirit moves through, washing away the sorrow of all of the yesterdays passed by. Filled with joy, and reverence for the love received, created and transformed by fleeting moments of connection to the Divine – the source of all light. I intend to spread joy from moment to moment, living in gratitude, sharing warmth and sweetness, greeting all resistance with love and understanding. Learning how to love unconditionally – one’s self and all others. Creating change, through wisdom and grace. Love will be, as it is meant to be.

Mystic Mamma: “New moon in Aquarius: The Water Bearer. She brings forth a cleansing, the fresh winds blowing heralding change ahead. We re-focus our vision and open up to the yielding energies of her deep and penetrating truths. That’s where the gold lies. Tap the source to access our original fount. With vision and focus we can let it flow. And into the New Monkey Year we go!” To read more go here: www.mysticmamma.com

Letting Go

To be free,

One must speak their truth – in openness, wholeheartedly

Holding on, in any capacity – is it truth, is it real? Good, bad?

It is not flowing, remaining in motion.

It is stagnant, binding.

To live one’s truth freely, they must move – dance, sing, play

Without confinement – with love, and faith in what will be

Faith that the Universe is guiding, down the path

New Moon: Pisces – March 2015


I intend to heal my ancestral wounds, the ones that have kept me bound to old patterns on levels that are too deep to see. I intend to seek vision, receive insight and follow the red road as a healer-a lover, an intuitive and a spiritual guide. With this new moon, I plant the seeds of my purest intentions to heal and be healed.

Mystic Mamma: “Total Solar Eclipse, Super Moon & New Moon in the Archetypal waters of Pisces, we are asked to step into the dream-time to reflect, feel it all, cleanse it all and draw forth from the ocean of the collective unconscious, the new dream that wants to be birthed.” To read more go here: www.mysticmamma.com


Through keeping this ritual, I have allowed myself to create a space that nourishes and nurtures my spiritual growth. Each of my set intentions has unfolded before me, in ways that I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of. My perspective and insight continues to grow, and I am continuously opened up by the lessons that are revealed at always what seems to be just the right time. I have learned many things about myself-about what I need and desire-I have discovered the importance of setting intentions and of letting go, as well as a healthy balance of deliberate action.

Through these discoveries I have with ease, manifested one of my greatest passions into the physical – in a way that will shape and form my experience of healing, and as a healer.

In mid-January, a beautiful friend of mine who I consider to be my medicine woman (she appeared in my experience multiple times, each time bringing me a tincture of herbal medicine that at the time I very much needed for my healing – yet she had no idea of what was going on with me physically) reached out to me to invite me to the opening of the Railyard Apothecary by Urban Moonshine in Burlington, VT. I knew that I needed to attend this event, so I put the plans for that weekend into motion. I showed up at the earliest yoga class, and did two back to back: Dharma 1 & Kundalini yoga. Both of these classes wielded amazing results. In the Dharma 1 class, we were asked to focus upon someone in our lives who we knew could benefit 12242084_10153865882312652_902922627_nfrom our energy in focus, and to send our love out to them; I focused on my sister, Olivia. A few hours after the class she called me and had a physical/energetic (shift) experience that was undoubtedly connected to my focus. The Kundalini class (I had never experienced Kundalini yoga before), propelled me forth energetically in a way that I never knew possible; I could feel the energy building in my Root Chakra, my center – it was as if the spark that’s always there was ignited into a blazing fire, and I was able to feel the energy moving upward through my body. When I left that yoga session, I felt invigorated and 100% in my body in the lightest way I had yet to experience. I felt in my power, and that nothing could shake me.

Directly following this was a lecture by Guido Mase, owner of Urban Moonshine Herbal Medicinals. This man is a renowned herbalist-so intelligent and well spoken. He struck a chord in me, and really sparked the feeling deep within that I have been seeing little glimpses of for quite some time now, in relation to my path of healing and connection to the Earth. My friend who I had mentioned earlier – my medicine woman – told me to speak with him if I got a chance. I approached him at the end of his lecture, and thanked him for all that he shared. He gave me the phone number of the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism-the same school that my medicine-woman friend is attending, and had mentioned to me a few months prior. (Also, her and I during the summer last year had a brief conversation about how beautiful it would be to go to Herbalism School together, but we never talked too in depth about it).

I then went out into the open-house and connected with a few herbalists who were there speaking about their medicines. I had some conversations that made me feel fully at home and in my element. These were my people-the women of the plants, fully connecting to their ability to heal and be healed. After these experiences, I knew that I needed to pursue this path – I had a full year of experimenting with herbal medicines in my own healing tulsi-holy-basilprocess, as well as many conversations and readings about Herbalism, until I realized that this was my true calling. So I called VCIH, to discover that the application deadline was October. But I applied anyway, because I had a good feeling about it. A week later, I got a phone call telling me that someone had dropped out and that a space opened up for me-the same day that I received an email from VSAC, awarding me full-tuition to the Herbal Roots Apprenticeship for 2016. I have now attended two classes, and couldn’t feel any more in the right time & place.

I now truly believe that all desires, if aligned with ones truth and Dharma, will manifest if the seeds of intention are tended to and the fruits let go of, into the wind. Being open to receiving what is asked for – in whatever form it shows up – and believing in oneself, are the first keys into the realm of conscious creation with the Universe. Then, to move forward into co-creating; what a beautiful way of living. I am so grateful to share my insights with others, and wish only for the reflection of my experience to help shed light for those who are seeking.

I will post again soon about my ventures and medicinal creations, as I experience and learn. Having reverence for what’s been, being present in what is, and looking forward with great optimism to what will be.

ᎣᏏᏲ || Osiyo

Chelsea Erin Wright

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