Danny Davis | Frendly Gathering’s 7th Year

Frendly Gathering 2017 is only 9 days away, taking place at Sugarbush Mountain in Warren, Vermont from June 29th-July 1st. For those of you who have been counting the days since last year, here’s an interview with Danny Davis – as well as photos from the past six years of Frendly – to get you stoked on what’s to come!
Chelsea Erin Wright: Hey Danny! I’m so excited for Frendly – what can your fine Frends expect to experience at this years gathering that is different than the past years?
Danny Davis: Well, we have a new venue! New camping spots, flat camping spots! Incredible views, new skate ramp, a lot more car and RV camping is available. New music! Charles Bradley, Yonder Mountain String Band, and also a whole bunch of fun new activities.
Chelsea: What lead to the movement of Frendly to Sugarbush, and how did you choose the new location?
Danny: Basically, we started to outgrow timber ridge, and we were running out of space to camp, park, and really just running out of place to grow the festival. Also, the crew has all moved up to northern Vermont, so we are closer to “home” now. Kevin Pearce, Jack, and myself have all moved to Burlington, and when it came time to find places to move, Sugarbush was not only close to us, but the vibe and folks around the valley were a perfect Frendly fit. We have had great feedback on moving to the valley, and I’m very excited about our new home. It is hard to beat timber ridge, but with the views, infrastructure of Sugarbush, people of the valley, and proximity to Burlington, it was the best move we could make.
Chelsea: Awesome! It sounds like everything has fallen into place! And the line-up looks amazing – can you reflect on your choices for headliners?
Danny: I have been pushing for Charles Bradley to come to our festival for a couple years now, so I am beyond excited to have him as well as Yonder Mountain Stringband. Two amazing acts that we have never had, and that I know will fit the Frendly vibe. The other thing we did with the line up this year is really crafted a line up that we thought would fit the mad river valley. We booked bands that we love and we knew would fit well for the new home. Also, looking forward to some of the bands that we love that we are bringing back, Lynx, Twiddle, Monophonics, Turkuaz, and the list goes on. Me and Jack have a lot of fun crafting a line up, but its always a big decision as the bands we book, are the fuel to the festival!
Chelsea: I’ve heard Charles Bradley live is incredible! We’re all in for a sweet musical experience, that’s for sure. Are there any new activities that we should know about?
Danny: We’re going to have a skull candy skate ramp hour everyday, where they will be giving out product for kids throwing down cool tricks. There will be late night yoga and dance classes, drum circles, live art, sound healing, a waste free workshop, a kids parade and a lot of things for the little ones. We tried to make sure any and all ages are welcome and can have a good time!
Chelsea: Every year I’ve watched the younger presence grow, it’s a really special thing when you can successfully have an amazing festival vibe that holds an all inclusive, family feel as well. What would be your advice to experience Frendly in the best way possible?
Danny: Bring some Frends, a tent, some money for food, a great attitude, open mind, and your dancing shoes. That’s how Frendly Gathering is best enjoyed!
Chelsea:  Sweet & simple…I’ll be looking forward to everything new about this years Frendly experience! Thanks for taking some time to share what’s new with us, see you soon!
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